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Long Distance Movers

Before you learn what to do when dealing with long distance movers, here are the most prominent things to avoid when hiring a company that specializes in helping you ship out of the state. Compared to local moves, it is really a tough job for the service provider as well as the customer because it’s a new place where taxes, fee and locality varies a lot. One of the common mistakes that people do when hiring a Florida moving company is that they assume a lot of things without talking to them in detail.

Discuss your requirement

Just because you have hired their moving services doesn’t mean they are open to do every task that is assigned. After all, each company has targets to complete and the number of employees are limited. It is not possible to drive their entire workforce to complete multiple chores of a single family. Besides, without the right equipment, it is extremely tough even for an expert to move a piano unless they are notified earlier so as to be prepared. Always discuss your requirement in detail and avoid assumptions that every job is part of the moving service being offered. It saves a lot of frustration on your side as well as help keep costs in control because last minute enquiries are always charged higher.

Recon the location

Once free moving quotes are provided, recon the location you are travelling to by searching online or by paying a visit if possible. It helps you determine some of the basics including living costs, moving cost and other expenses. There are times when a company from the next state may quote lower for a two way trip while those in your home town may demand higher. It all depends on the time of the year and the chances of getting another person to cover the additional costs. Start looking for a company at least a month earlier so that you have enough time to get multiple quotes and choose the date on which they can offer the cheapest pricing.

Expand your budget

Long distance moving is all about expanding your budget, whether you like it or not. Most people rely too much on the company to take care of everything including additional costs. While the quote and their expertise on the job may help you get an idea of the expenses involved, things change from time to time. When laws change and there are new fee being imposed, you have to pay it out of your pocket. Instead of facing the crisis at the last moment, keep extra cash handy so that you could pay it and recuperate after the move is complete.

Above all, never load important documents and fragile stuff on the truck as chances of them getting damaged is much higher due to increased travel times. Load them in your own vehicle and keep receipts, toll passes, cash, ID card among other things handy so that you don’t rely on the loaded truck to help you out at every point.


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