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Office Movers

When you feel intimidated about a business move, it is a natural emotion because compared to home moving, office relocations are tedious. But, it will turn tedious and demanding only if you don't plan ahead. Hiring professional officer movers is the first step towards achieving serenity during a move. Apart from that, there are a couple of other things that you may have to take care of.

Pack them all

Don't expect the Florida moving company to pack the goods for you because some of them charge extra. While some may not charge you more, it will be extremely difficult when you unbox them to setup a new office. Avoid such hassles and pack on your own. Label the boxes and if there are electronic equipment, fragile items or files, mention them so that those who load it would handle it with care.

Split the work

Instead of trying to assign everything to the moving services or to the head of the office, consider splitting the work among co-workers. There is no need to force them to work. Just ask them to take control of their desk and pack goods. Give them individual cartons where their personal belongings can be stored and labelled. It saves a lot of time spent in packing contents in each desk. Besides, the method ensures that nothing gets lost in the process and it takes less than a day for the office to become functional in the new venue.

Discuss the budget

Get free moving quotes from multiple movers who specialize in office relocation. While the job is almost the same irrespective of its nature, a business center has more valuable items and electronic equipment when compared to a residence. There will be plenty of important papers and items to take care of which is why it is important to go with office movers who specialize in the task. Discuss your budget with the company and make sure to know the services they will offer for the proposed quote. After all, there will be plenty of work to do and if they refuse to do one of them on moving day, it could cause chaos. Avoid such surprises!

Start at least a week earlier

Instruct your colleagues to start packing at least a week earlier. There will be plenty of items on every desk that people hardly use on a day to day basis. Let them clean and pack their drawers first. Leave the computers as it is mandatory to work. Ask the group to focus on packing their files and stationary items. Those that are not used can be wrapped up and labelled while other boxes can be left open throughout the week so that it is easy to grab files from them when necessary.

Hire plenty of cartons and bubble wraps. Like most offices, you may have multiple computers, printers, servers and other expensive equipment to move. Pack them with caution to avoid damage. After all, it is tough to replace them immediately. You could also consider buying additional insurance for servers among other integral equipment.


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